NO LIMITS! How Sector taught me a lesson about branding

To get your mind on the right track I need to tell you a story about a path that led me to this point. Me writing about a watch brand isn’t something I would normally do.

But this isn’t just about a watch, it’s also a story about a brand…story about branding.

I only write about things that I feel I have a connection with and this is one of those stories because I really feel that “brand” is what you feel and how you experience a company or a product. In this case a wrist watch.

This particular watch is manufactured by Sector, but it can be any other brand or a totaly different item.

It all started two weeks ago when we were planning vacation and like every year I couldn’t wait to spend a lot of the time in the water, swimming.

I realise that maybe this would be a different story if one of our company’s clients wasn’t a luxury watch boutique and if I was not overwhelmed by their timepieces on a daily basis.

Anyway…my obsession didn’t start with this client. I was always into watches and at the time I had already had a couple of watches and leather bands, so that I could change the look depending on the clothes, occasion etc.

So buying a new watch wasn’t a big deal…but trying a new watch brand was a big deal for me because I was already a fan of another watch brand.

Another goal was getting a watch that was in a price range, but also a watch that will be on my arm all the time during vacation. This meant that it had to whitstand the daily tests.

But why changing a brand can be so stressfull?

Why do we feel like we betrayed someone if we switch from Nikon to Cannon for example?

And why do we always stick with our first choises even when it doesn’t make any sense?

I guess it’s because when you are a part of something, a brand, a community, experience, you take it very personally. We always take everything personally and brands are like small Gods of the modern world. Every brand rules in its own domain and we are in its tribe.

It’s a little different with accessories but let’s just say that this is more than an accessory. It’s something we use to express ourself.

So let’s go back to the watch.

I was looking for a rubber band, waterproof watch.

Let’s start with Google…15 tabs…100+ choices…this will be hard!

Found it!

Another one…and another one…

Narrowed it down to 6 choices…AWESOME! Let’s go shopping!

First store, I found nothing. Second store….nothing. Didn’t quite like what I saw…moving on…

Third one…(drum rools)…also nothing…


I wasn’t sure if I should buy the Sector watch because I forgot that Sector even existed anymore. I always hear and see some other brands due to their marketing, but “No limits!” kinda stayed writen in my brain for so long that it persuaded me to try it and take a leap of fate. If there was no limits, I shouldn’t worry will it whitstand the pressure of water, right?

Think about tag-lines and brand slogans, how they act as an extension of the brand…a feeling. “No limits”, “Just do it”, “Think different”…

Bought the watch, so let’s fastforward to vacation time, 800km away from home. We are on the beach…

Watch is on my wrist, manual is read 20 times to check if it’s waterproof…


In the water, checking…all good.

Swimming more, checking….all good.

Let’s dive a little…


Still, all good…

Hm, was this the right choice?

Yes it was! Love it!

It’s been 6 days and I haven’t taken it off…it’s my new favorite watch for the summer and my second favorite brand for now.

Not even that…I realised that I can be a part of more different brands, and that is my choice which brand will be a part of me.

It also taught me a lesson about slogans which made me love our company’s slogan “Improve today, repeat tomorrow!” even more.

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