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LinkedIn auto connect script

LinkedIn auto connect script helps you send a connection requests to the audience you are searching for.

Before we start

Before we start, let’s talk about a LinkedIn for a bit. If you Google “What is LinkedIn” you will find the articles saying that LinkedIn is a social network for professionals.

During a course of LinkedIn history, I think we all saw a shift toward worse and the better. Personally, I hate seeing funny, irrelevant posts on this “social network” because I already have that on Facebook. Altho Facebook is not business first, a lot of professionals are on Facebook and when it comes to posts and their content, it’s almost similar to the ones on LinkedIn. This is the part I don’t like.

Once you pass over those irrelevant posts and focus on a business part LinkedIn is a “go to” place for sales and opportunities like never before.

Sales Developers and companies are using this network to gathering leads, pitch the opportunities, and grow a business.

LinkedIn will probably grow to be a better sales medium than email and GDPR have to do something about it.

I talked with a lot of business developers and companies that use email marketing and LinkedIn to connect with leads from worlds biggest companies (Google, Facebook, Blizzard, etc.) and we concluded that since the GDPR, email marketing is in the grey area and you need to be careful how you are contacting the lead, where did you get their email and of course, you need to have a “Unsubscribe” option and make sure you never contact them again.

I will probably cover some tips about how to do sales and marketing on LinkedIn once I gather enough data from experts in this field, but for not, here’s a trick you can do to speed up the auto connect process.

Hi all, the script is not working for now, due to some changes on LinkedIn. I will let you know when the issue is resolved.

Step 1: Do a LinkedIn search

Do a LinkedIn search and go to the People tab, so you can definitively see the Connect buttons.


Step 2: Open Chrome console

Press Ctrl + Shift + J (Windows / Linux) or Cmd + Opt + J (Mac)

Step 3: Paste the script to send auto connection requests

Copy and paste the code below to console and press enter.

// LinkedIn: Auto Connect
 // Updated: 2020-03-24
 // This script is made for demonstrative purposes only. 
 // Use at your own risk. 
 // Respect the LinkedIn’s policy and terms of use.

Hi you! If the code is working, leave a comment below. It means a lot to everyone.

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Hello Milos! We would love to have the script working 🙂

Hi Matt,
Me too but it’s not possible at this moment. :/

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