GuruShots Auto Voter Script

GuruShots Auto Voter Script is finally finished. For all GuruShots fans and JavaScript Geeks I finished this script for all the users of this photo contest platform.

Note: Script is not working anymore due to the changes on GuruShots website.

What is GuruShots?

It’s a platform for photographers and photography geeks, that allows them to share their photos and participate in many challenges that vary in theme. It’s a great way to check your skills as a photographer and get money prizes or even participation in real life gallery exhibitions.

Check out GuruShots.

How to use the auto voter script?

  1. Open your browser
  2. Sign in to your GuruShots account
  3. Go to the challenges page
  4. Open the Console pressing Ctrl + Shift + J (Windows / Linux) or Cmd + Opt + J (Mac) 
  5. Copy the code below and paste it into the Console tab 
  6. Press Enter and wait
// Updated: 2020-03-24
// This script is made for demonstrative purposes only.
// Use at your own risk.
// Respect the GuruShots's policy and terms of use.
var _0x3219=['ceil','random','click','.c-challenges-item__btn','length','Challenge:','log','Click\x20on\x20Let\x27s\x20go','.modal-vote__greeting__text\','Vote!','Done!','Close!','.modal-vote__photo__vote','toArray'];(function(_0xf1c2e7,_0x163407){var _0x38f98a=function(_0x244372){while(--_0x244372){_0xf1c2e7['push'](_0xf1c2e7['shift']());}};_0x38f98a(++_0x163407);}(_0x3219,0x7c));var _0x7243=function(_0x113476,_0xe97c25){_0x113476=_0x113476-0x0;var _0x187b00=_0x3219[_0x113476];return _0x187b00;};function loop(){setTimeout(function(){var _0x28229b=$(_0x7243('0x0'))[_0x7243('0x1')]();var _0x53d185=Math[_0x7243('0x2')](Math['random']()*0xa*Math['random']()*0xa);var _0xa3d347=Math['ceil'](Math[_0x7243('0x3')]()*0xa*Math[_0x7243('0x3')]()*0xa*Math[_0x7243('0x3')]()*0xa);$(_0x28229b[_0x53d185])[_0x7243('0x4')]();$(_0x28229b[_0xa3d347])[_0x7243('0x4')]();loop();},0x3e8);}loop();var numberOfChallenges=$(_0x7243('0x5'))[_0x7243('0x6')];var itemsBtnChallenges=$(_0x7243('0x5'))[_0x7243('0x1')]();var i=0x0;var action=0x0;function loopChallenges(){if(i<=numberOfChallenges){if(action==0x0){action=0x1;$(itemsBtnChallenges[i])['click']();console['log'](_0x7243('0x7')+i);setTimeout(function(){console[_0x7243('0x8')](_0x7243('0x9'));$(_0x7243('0xa'))[_0x7243('0x4')]();},0x1388);setTimeout(function(){console['log'](_0x7243('0xb'));$('.modal-vote__submit.on')[_0x7243('0x4')]();},0x4e20);setTimeout(function(){console[_0x7243('0x8')](_0x7243('0xc'));$('.modal-vote__btn--blue+.modal-vote__btn')[_0x7243('0x4')]();},0x6978);setTimeout(function(){console[_0x7243('0x8')](_0x7243('0xd'));$('')['click']();i++;action=0x0;},0x88b8);setTimeout(function(){loopChallenges();},0x9c40);}}}loopChallenges();

Hi you! If the code is working, leave a comment below. It means a lot to everyone.


For the script to properly work, your active tab in a browser should be GuruShots page. 

Paste the script and then watch it work. If you change a tab, minimize the browser, the script will not work properly.  Why? GuruShots is built with Angular JS and the way it’s made had to do with this issue.   

PRO version of the script?!

Hi, I’m currently working on a pro version of the script that can run an infinite number of times.

You would not need to worry about running the script again, after it finishes with voting, it will automatically start again.

If you are interested in having the script, consider [ supporting the page ]. I will contact you and send you the script.

Have in mind that I don’t do this for the money but it’s nice to get something extra as a way of saying thank you.

Support the page

Hey, don’t forget to support the page if you like the script. Leave a comment or do whatever you want. 

Buy me a coffeeWanna support the page?!



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50 comments on “GuruShots Auto Voter Script

could you explain how the gurushots script works please

Hi, just follow the instruction and let the code do the work. 🙂 You need to have active challenges.

its not working. It shows the four steps after push enter when copied the script but then it stops and nothing happended. One by one per challenge is possible but its slow.

1. is it possible to make it vote only for specific challenge/-es?
2. is it possible to make it start voting at specific Date/time (or on timer)?
3. Is the script sensitive to those pop-up windows of GS?

Hi, i’ve followed the instructions but you can’t add a script on mac’s console. how do you do it?
plus, just fyi, wanted to support the page but it says that “donations are not supported in the country of origin of the organisation”

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