LinkedIn auto connect script

LinkedIn auto connect script helps you send a connection requests to the audience you are searching for. Before we start Before we start, let’s talk about a LinkedIn for a bit. If you Google “What is LinkedIn” you will find the articles saying that LinkedIn is a social network for professionals. During a course of LinkedIn history, I think we […]
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Auto follow Twitter accounts – after search

Auto follow Twitter accounts in these 4 simple steps. The script is not working currently due to changes in Twitter’s HTML. Go to Twitter and do a search for any keyword. Go to People Open the Chrome console. Press Ctrl + Shift + J (Windows / Linux) or Cmd + Opt + J (Mac) Copy and paste the code below […]
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How to auto follow people on Medium?

To auto follow people on follow the next steps: Latest Update: Medium removed the Follow button from the list making this script unusable. :/ Step 1: Go to someone’s profile page Once you are logged in to make sure you have found the person of interest. Step 2: Click on the followers tab Below the person’s info you […]
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