Auto follow Twitter accounts – after search

Auto follow Twitter accounts in these 4 simple steps.

  1. Go to Twitter and do a search for any keyword.
  2. Go to People
  3. Open the Chrome console. Press Ctrl + Shift + J (Windows / Linux) or Cmd + Opt + J (Mac)
  4. Copy and paste the code below to console then press enter.
// Updated: 2019-04-06
// This script is made for demonstrative purposes only.
// Use at your own risk.
// Respect the Twitter's policy and terms of use.
a = setInterval(function () {
 $('.not-following .user-actions-follow-button.js-follow-btn').click();
}, 1000);
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2 comments on “Auto follow Twitter accounts – after search


The code doesn’t work for the new twitter layout.

I’ll check it and update the code…

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